Importance And Benefits of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training (POSH) For Your Employees

Irrespective of whether they are small companies or large corporations, modern businesses must ensure appropriate HR Services to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace. One of the unwanted issues in the business setting is sexual harassment in the workplace leading to serious and dangerous repercussions. Mandatory sexual harassment prevention training is fast becoming one of the crucial requirements of HR Compliance.

The top 5 benefits of conducting POSH training are as follows:

Helps companies comply with legal responsibilities

POSH training ensures prevention, prohibition and protection from sexual harassment in the workplace. POSH training has been compulsory in India since 2013, when the ACT was passed. According to the ACT, any company/organization with more than ten employees should have mandatory POSH training for all their employees and employers.

It has been made mandatory so that every employee and employer know what comes under workplace sexual harassment, the process of filing the complaint against it, the procedure of redressal of the issue and the consequences and penalties for non-compliance.

It helps to create a safe work environment.

Today, many employees, especially women, do not feel secure. If the POSH policy is in place and employers conduct POSH training and discuss the challenges of sexual harassment, it makes employees feel safe. Sometimes men employees are also scared of someone filing a malicious complaint, and the training gives them a clear understanding of the consequences of filing a false complaint.

A clear understanding of sexual harassment

POSH training creates awareness among staff. Training ensures a safe working environment for women. Employees clearly understand the kind of behaviour that falls under sexual harassment, giving them clarity. All employees are equally aware of and can help report sexual harassment when they are all trained at the same time. The POSH training also educates participants on all aspects of sexual harassment, what can be subject to fraudulent complaints, and how to enforce the law effectively and prevent abuse.

Reduce incidents and improve productivity

Awareness comes with responsibility. Through POSH awareness training, staff gain more knowledge, ensure compliance with laws, and have fewer incidents occur. Moreover, when all employees are treated equally, it creates an environment to thrive in the workplace. Employees feel comfortable interacting, working together, and communicating as they feel safe. People also have a high level of job satisfaction that helps retain employees. All of this together includes providing high productivity in the workplace.

Redressal mechanism

Training helps the employees understand the Internal Committee’s functioning (IC). The training educates employees on how to proceed if sexual harassment occurs at the workplace. The POSH awareness session also educates them on the importance of confidentiality. As the POSH act mentions the timeline of complaints, employees know when to file complaints and when to expect the resolution.


It is always best to conduct POSH training sessions to create a safe work environment. Conducting POSH awareness sessions is essential because it is a legal requirement to comply with the law. POSH Awareness Training also ensures that employees and managers create a safer and better working environment.

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