• To empower and Support Parents and Teachers
  • To nurture caring and responsibility in Students and young minds

Focus Areas

  • Academic Excellence
  • Life skills requisites
  • Character development
  • Prevention of negative behaviors and habits which includes drug use and violence
  • Maintaining relationships


More than 1 in 3 high school students experience persistent feelings of hopelessness, fear and lack confidence
Through our trainings we help
  • Create a safe environment for students and support the improvement of academic performance, concentration and mental well-being among Students & Teachers.
  • Help tap their capabilities, develop real-life skills.
  • Prepare themselves to be successful in the careers of their choice and take responsible decisions.
  • Skill-based learning helps students develop problem-solving and face challenges.
  • Promotes the leadership skills of students.
  • It also helps students develop creativity, critical thinking, and analytical thinking.
Why Teachers need this Training in bringing Educational and Behavioural Excellence?
When it comes to the world of knowledge, teachers are the torchbearers in showing us the path to the future by means of proper guidance.

Benefits of Teachers Training Program

  1. Help children to focus on academics and bring out the best in them
  2. Helps them to teach students the specific skills that are needed to enable them to communicate positively and to become responsible citizens
  3. Enables to develop a caring, positive, classroom and school atmosphere where learning is nurtured
  4. Helps them in sharpening their teaching skills
  5. Helps them to become “Role Model” for their students

Importance of Educating and Training Parents:

Parents are often concerned as to

  1. How will my child handle the academic challenges and Peer pressure?
  2. How will my children cope up with the fast changing world of today?
  3. How will my child fare in the feary competitive atmosphere?
  4. How will I protect my child in the growing negative influencers of life?
  5. How can my child learn to face frustration in life?

Benefits of Parents training

  1. Improves the family environment
  2. Better understanding and openness with the children
  3. Engage parents and community members to become proactive partners in children’s education and future
  4. Easy- to- understand books for parents to help them to communicate values to their children.
SEL competencies
Social and emotional competence describes the processes by which children and adults apply knowledge, attitudes and skills in order to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.
It has been proven that training based on SEL competencies have resulted in better Student Attitudes, Behaviour and Academic Excellence

Student Attitudes:

  • Students show a higher sense of Community responsibility
  • Higher academic motivation and educational aspirations
  • Better adaptability to cope up with School Stressors
  • Positive attitude towards School and teachers and Parents
  • Learning to be empathetic and responsible

Student Behaviours:

  • Increased Student participation in class
  • Self-sufficient in completing their work on time
  • Better Teacher Student Relationship
  • Valuing Parents and improved Family bonding
  • Improved attendance
  • Reduction in aggression and disruptions
  • Lesser drop outs

Student Academic Performance:

  • Higher achievement of grades and consistency
  • Better problem solving and planning strategies
  • Improvements in reading comprehension
  • Improved learning to learn skills
  • Improved math, literacy and social studies skills


SEL also prompts parents to ask questions, listen actively, and promote eye contact to validate children’s feelings.
Practicing SEL skills at home also creates stronger parental and child bonds. By working together, parents and children can improve communication skills such as cooperating, listening, and understanding emotions with respect for each other’s feelings.
Remuneration: Cost of training will be finalized on discussion after understanding the training needs